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Republic of Botswana

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Q. Dumelang betsho. Help me out, who is the ambassador of Botswana to Japan?

A. Amb. Jacob Nkate

Q. I wanted to make an enquiry in regards to internship positions. The national internship office doesn't seem to acknowledge my interest to work for NGOs like SADC or the ministry of foreign affairs. Instead they find positions for me in private companies I have no interest in. I want to find out how I can go about applying for internship or any junior entry level position.

A. Good day and thanks for your enquiry.
Unfortunately Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not take interns anymore or at least for now. It is due to its delicate work that government decided to stop posting interns to us and Ministry of Defence for security reasons. As for posts in international organizations based in Botswana like SADC I would advise you to check them personally and submit your application of internship to them. As far as I know, the national internship office places candidates where there are vacancies/spaces not according to their personal interests. Wish you all the best

Q. Good day_ I am scheduled to attend a youth leadership conference in Serbia in February. Please advise me on how to go about applying and acquiring the respective VISA. Its a 10 day mission in Capital city, Belgrade.

A. Are you in Botswana at the moment? Please check our website for more information on which countries needs visas.
Thank you

Q. Yes I am in Botswana. The Serbians have informed me that I do need a visa in order to travel to Serbia. My question was how and where I can apply for my visa. I understand there's a Serbian embassy in Pretoria, and that’s were the Hungarian one is as well. However when I travelled to Hungary same time last year I was able to apply through the German embassy for a Hungarian visa. Is there a similar arrangement locally by the Serbians?

A. Please contact the Serbian embassy to ask if they offer such services because we do not facilitate visa applications here. Or alternatively ask at Ministry of Home Affairs as they deal with visa issues.
Thank you

Q. Dear representative of the Republic of Botswana,
I'm an Albanina student from Durrës and have a question for Your Excellency.
Will Botswana recognized the Republic of Kosovo?

In a September 2010 meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Kosovo and Botswana, Skënder Hyseni and Phandu Skelemani, Mr. Skelemani said that the ICJ had given "a clear decision", and said that he would soon formally present a position for recognition to his government.[]

In March 2011 the Botswanan Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Phandu Skelemani, said that Botswana still has to advise itself properly in order to come up with an informed decision on the issue. He said that the matter of Kosovo has been before the ICJ and therefore it requires a close look as it involves law.[]

A. Thank you for question. Please be informed that it has been passed to relevant authority and we will respond to you soon. Kind regards

Q. Dumelang betsho, ke motswana mo Phillipine n ke processor nyalo so ke kopa gore nka bona kae a legal capacity letter!

A. We have an office which is accredited to Philippines in Tokyo, Japan. Feel free to ask for help from them, or else the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs is responsible with all that and you can check them at Thank you

Q. Kindly I nid ur help have been trying to get a visa wanna visit ma cousin to Florida in USA bt it seems like US Embassy z vry strict cause of tourist guin 2 States...wud like 2 b happy if I cud get help

A. Sorry for taking long to respond. I am afraid you will have to enquire about the requirements for the American Visa at the American Embassy. We don’t have them here in our Ministry. The information we can give you is that indeed you need a visa to go to the USA.
Thank u

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