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Republic of Botswana

" Promoting Botswana´s interests abroad"


Minister For Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


Honourable Dr. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi

The Honourable Dr. Pelonomi  Venson-Moitoi  is the 8th Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Botswana. She took office on the 31st October 2014. Born on the 13th May 1951 in Botswana, she is married with two children. Her areas of specialty lie in Public Service Management and Administrative Systems Analysis and design. She has a Diploma in Local Government from the Institute of Public Service in Connecticut, USA.  She holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University, USA.  She was awarded an honorary doctorate in Social Development based on a review of her work and writing on government and governance.

Dr Venson – Moitoi started her career as a journalist for a private publication in 1970 until 1973 when she joined the ranks of the Public Service.  Her service lasted for 20 years between 1973 and 1993 in which she held various positions, the last as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Lands and Housing.

Post Public Service, Dr Venson – Moitoi pursued other interests in the private Sector in line with areas of her specialization. Among others she took the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Kalahari Conservation Society from 1993 to 1994.  She followed that with tenure as Head of the Institute for Local Government (INLOGOV) in Cape Town, South Africa from 1994 to 1998 and also carried out private Consultancy work in Local Government.  During the same period she did short projects for UNDP in Zimbabwe and Gambia as well as GIZ in South Africa.

As a long time member of the Botswana Democratic Party, she served in various capacities within the party before she was elected as Specially Elected Member of Parliament in 1999. Her political career has seen her win subsequent elections and continually holding various Cabinet portfolios in Works, Transport and Communications, Trade and Industry, Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Science and Technology as well as Education and Skills Development.



Permanent Secretary 


Mr. Gaeimelwe Goitsemang

Mr. Gaeimelwe Goitsemang joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in November 1995. He has a wealth of experience in diplomacy and management issues, having served in different capacities both at Head Office and in the Foreign Service. He served as Director, Corporate Services prior to his appointed to the post of Deputy Permanent Secretary on 30th June 2011. He was promoted to the post of Permanent Secreatry in October 2015.


DPS -International Relations


Mr. Thuso Ramodimoosi  

Mr. Thuso Godson Ramodimoosi started his career in International Relations and Cooperation in 1992 when he was employed in the Public Service - Department of External Affairs. His first diplomatic posting was to Botswana Embassy to the European Union (EU) - Belgium, where he served from 1995 - 2002. He was subsequently posted to Botswana High Commission in South Africa (2002-2006) as Deputy Head of Mission.

Mr. Ramodimoosi rose through the ranks in the Ministry including being Deputy Director, Africa and the Middle East (2007-2008); Deputy Chief of Protocol (2008-2010); Director, Department of Africa and the Middle East (2010-2012)

The highlight of Mr. Ramodimoosi’s career was when he was appointed the first Resident High Commissioner of Botswana to Mozambique in 2012-2016. He was responsible for overseeing the establishment of the new diplomatic mission in Maputo. In January 2016, he was redeployed to Head quarters to assume the post of Deputy Permanent Secretary - International Relations.

Mr. Ramodimoosi holds a degree in Economics and Public Administration (University of Botswana) and a Masters degree in Diplomatic Studies (United Kingdom).   


Director - Department of Asia & the Pacific


Ambassador Diabi Mmualefe


Ambassador Diabi Mmualefe joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in 1994. He has a wealth of experience emanating from 18 years in the Diplomatic Service and for most of these years at a senior level in the Diplomatic Service. He  first served as First Secretary in Ethiopia from (1998-2000). He also served as a Counselor in Stockholm from 2000 to 2004 and was thereafter transferred to London in the same post from 2004 to 2006. He was transfered back to Headquarters and assumed the post as Deputy Director Corporate Services. He was later appointed Am+bassador to Brazil from (2009– 2012). In December 2012 he returned to Headquarters and served as the Director in the Department of Public Relations, Research and Information. He is now the Director in the Department of Asia and the Pacific.

Director of Corporate Services

Ambassador Naomi Majinda

Ambassador Naomi E. Majinda joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in 1982. She rose through the ranks and was appointed Ambassador to Sweden (May 2005 – 2005) and the People’s Republic of China (June 2005 – October 2010). She returned to Headquarters in October 2010 and assumed the Post of Director, Asia and the Pacific until February 2013, when she was redeployed to Senior Manager, Corporate Services.

Legal Advisor


Ms Eunice Malotha

Ms Malotha is a seconded officer from the Attorney General’s Chambers. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Botswana. She joined the Attorney General’s Chambers in 2000 and worked in the Legislative Drafting Division and later joined the International Commercial Division. In 2002, she left the Attorney General’s Chambers to pursue her Masters in Intellectual Property Law in the United States of America and worked there before she re-joined the Attorney General’s Chambers in 2011. Shortly thereafter, she was seconded to the Ministry as Chief State Counsel. Her areas of interest include International Law, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.


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